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No credit check payday loans are a type of finance plan where the borrower can borrow money without any credit check. This is a faster way to get loan for urgent needs. There are many companies in the market that favor no credit check payday loans to help those who require money urgently for daily expenses like paying out telephone bills, house rent, electricity bill etc. This is a fast processing loan because there is no credit check which may otherwise take days to get approved with lots of documentation. The application for no credit check payday loans is very simple and can be filled online for faster approval. The money lender after receiving the application for no credit check payday loans verifies it and approves the loan if the application is appropriate. After the loan is approved, the loan amount is transferred to the bank account of the borrower.

The person in need of a quick loan can apply for the same through an agent or through a website that provides online payday loans. The borrower has to fill the form for no credit check payday loans on the website of the agent. This form contains personal details, bank account details and employment information. There could be some other details as well but these three details are enough to get the loan approved. The loan repayment date, interest and service charges are also mentioned in the form. The no credit check payday loan approval process is very fast and hardly takes an hour. The instant payday loan is directly credited to the borrower's bank account within 24 hours of application. However these are the following requirements that must be fulfilled by the borrower before applying no credit check payday loans:

  • Borrower should be 18 years old.
  • He should have full time employment.
  • Salary should be more than £750.
  • He should have a minimum 3 months old checking account.

Mostly the loan amount in no credit check payday loans is under £1000 and the loan period is only 30 days. Since this instant payday loans no credit check is only for urgent daily expenses and for a very short period, the interest amount is also high just to cover the loan security. The borrower is expected to return the loan amount along with interest and service charges on or before the due date. He also has the option to apply for the extension of loan period. Inability to repay the loan on due date allows the lender to recover the loan amount with interest and service charges directly from borrower’s bank account.

No credit check payday loan companies come as a savior when u need extra cash for mid month emergencies or when something unexpected happens. Payday loan companies have become popular because a number of people have felt the need of extra cash during emergencies in the form of fast and short term loans. This is very beneficial for those who are facing financial crunch and have a bad credit score.

No credit check payday loans are quick and easy to get but it is also important to repay the loan on time because of the huge interest that keeps on adding if you decide to pay the loan back in your own time.

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Basically, I needed cash and my credit rating wasn't the best...There were no credit checks and they gave me the money in 1 hour!

Ben, London - First time borrower

1734% APR variable.

£100 borrowed over 1 month would equal total borrowing of £125.

Actual Interest is 25%

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